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Did you know?

Did you know that our bodies have an ability to rebuild themselves healthier on a daily basis? The choices we make every single day either move us towards, or away from health. Every cell, tissue and organ is under the control of your central nervous system, which is your brain and spinal cord. So every function in the body including healing from an injury, sleep, strength, energy, digestion, immune function, mental focus, concentration, decision making, reproduction and much, much more is regulated by your brain and spinal cord.


My Role

My role as a Saskatoon family based chiropractor is to ensure that the communication between your brain and body is functioning optimally. By taking a thorough history and physical examination,  I am able to assess your spine for abnormal tension that may be stopping you from functioning at 100% and living your best life. You do not need to be in pain or have a symptom to come see me. I want everyone, including infants, children, pregnant moms, athletes and seniors to function optimally.


What to Expect

If you choose to see Dr. Kimberly Baker in Saskatoon, your first appointment will have some brief paperwork for you to fill out. After you have completed the paperwork, you will then have the opportunity to discuss all of your health concerns with Dr. Kim. In order to best serve you, she will ask you various questions related to your concerns and perform a series of musculoskeletal and neurological tests to pinpoint the cause(s) of your problem(s). Once Dr. Kim has completed her examination, she will review her findings and discuss your options for treatment. Generally treatment is given on the same day as your initial assessment. However, on occasion, radiographs may be required prior to beginning any treatment. In this case, Saskatoon Medical Imaging and Associated Radiologists facilities are close by and accept walk in appointments. 

On your second appointment, Dr. Kim will review your health concerns and provide you with a strategy and customized plan of management to help you move towards better health. Every patient has a voice and plays an active role in their plan of management. Along the way, Dr. Kim will recommend small, gradual health changes such as supplement advice, stretches or exercises, that will help accelerate your road to optimal health and wellness. Thank you for choosing Dr. Kim Baker as your Chiropractor in Saskatoon! 

My Services

Chiropractic Care


Dr. Kim uses a combination of manual and instrument style of chiropractic techniques during her treatments. She is certified in a variety of techniques including: Torque Release Technique, a safe and effective instrument style of adjusting patients of all ages. NIP or Neuro-Impulse Protocol, mainly used on babies/toddlers as it's gentle and effective. Diversified technique, a manual style of adjusting teenagers and adult patients. Webster technique, a pregnancy specific technique used to optimize the alignment and movement of the pelvis throughout a woman's entire pregnancy. Dr. Kim is your Saskatoon Chiropractor! 

Contemporary Medical Acupuncture


Contemporary Medical Acupuncture uses a modern scientific understanding of the human body to redefine the mechanisms and effects of traditional acupuncture. Just like in traditional acupuncture, small, thin needles are placed in carefully selected points throughout the body and left in place for a duration of time (with or without manual or electrical stimulation). The goal of Contemporary Medical Acupuncture treatment is to restore proper function to the nervous system. This can be achieved by either 'decreasing tone' or ‘increasing tone’ to specific areas. Acupuncture can be effective as the sole treatment, as well as a treatment modality in conjunction with other therapeutic interventions. Acupuncture has been shown to be effective in the treatment of: headaches, neck pain, back pain, sports injuries, sciatica, and osteoarthritis.

Custom Foot Orthotics


Did you know there are 26 bones and 33 joints in your foot alone? There are a variety of health conditions that may be completely resolved, or at least significantly improved, with custom foot orthotics. Dr. Kim utilizes a computerized gait analysis and physical examination to determine if orthotics are your best option to optimize your health.

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New Clinic Location!

Dr. Kim has returned to work at YXE Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre. We offer online booking at www.yxechiro.com or call 306-978-7777. We also have direct billing for most insurance companies. I look forward to seeing some familiar and new faces!

YXE Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre

#10-3902 Millar Avenue, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Email: contact@drkimbaker.com Website: www.yxechiro.com


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